Photography is here to stay!

I recently came across a well known photographer personality who was using his good fortune and popularity to get his message out - don't bother becoming photographers. Photographers are becoming obsolete. It struck me as so silly, and I imagine there were similar sentiments expressed when digital cameras first arrived on the scene, and perhaps even after previous advancements in the industry as well. 

While it's true that cameras today are a marvel to behold and more affordable than ever, the equipment does not make the photographer. Knowledge and experience is necessary to produce consistently professional images, and the average person is not going to seek an education about subjects such as composition, lighting, and editing software. We all have our different passions, after all. Nor would the majority of people desire to take their own portrait, especially if there is more than one subject involved. It can be done, for sure, but even professional photographers hire other photographers for occasions or portraits. It's easier and it's a more pleasant experience! 

I've also seen the argument that there are so many digital images out there that a photograph no longer holds any value. Not true! While I do agree that a digital image does not always carry much weight, you know what does? Prints and albums and wall art. Everything that you can physically touch and smell and display, and pass down to your future generations. I provide luxury items that you will fall in love with, but the images are the most important part. Personally, photographs are the most precious thing that I own because they hold our memories. They are a tribute to our lives and our legacy to pass on long after we are gone.

So I move forward with nothing but positivity and passion, and my head held high. The professional photographer is not going anywhere. There is merit to what we do, and it is a service that we joyfully provide.  

Diana HarveyComment