Exist in photos!

As Mother's Day approaches, the #existinphotos movement is on my mind more frequently. Moms tend to be the ones behind the camera, and some of us may feel self conscious about our appearance and even avoid having our pictures taken. So many times I hear women say that they are just not photogenic. And it's just not true. Anyone can look beautiful on camera, given the right posing, attire, lighting, and attitude. And that is part of a professional photographer's job - to guide you through every step of the process and make you feel comfortable. 

Not only can a great photo session give you a boost of confidence, but you will also have something to pass along to your children and your children's children. Years from now, your children will go looking for images of you to remember you by. What will they find? I am guilty of this too. My own children will find very few images of me from their early childhood, and certainly not any high quality ones. It is something that I decided to change. Exist in photos! You do so much for your family day in and day out. Exist in photos for them, but also for yourself. Because you deserve it. 

Diana HarveyComment